2008 Miss 4th of July Queens

2008 Miss 4th of July Queens

About Smyrna/Clayton July 4th Association

Smyrna/Clayton July 4th Association is a non-profit organization that does numerous activities throughout the year. The biggest fundraiser is held on July 4 of every year (except when it falls on a Sunday). The parade will be held in Smyrna or Clayton (alternates each year). There is a carnival at the Municipal Park and fireworks are held at the Little League fields. Other activities throughout the year include the Christmas Tree Memorial which is held at the Clayton Fire Hall, July 4th Pageant, Halloween & Christmas parade, etc.


If you are interested in becoming a member or attending one of our monthly meetings, please contact AprilLynn417@aol.com

Hometown Idol Talent Show


July 4, 2008
Bandstand @ Smyrna Municipal Park
3 p.m.

The Hometown Idol Talent Show will be performing for the first time ever at the July 4th celebration held at the Smyrna Municipal Park. The talent can be of any kind. Girls will be competing against the girls. The guys will be competing against the guys. There will be a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place for the girls, as well as the boys. There will also be an overall winner of the event. This talent show is open to all ages.

There will be a microphone on stage for all contestants to use. There will be a cd player for all music that needs to be played during your talent. It is YOUR responsibility to pick up the music.

Deadline: June 23, 2008

Entry fee: $25 to secure your spot in the show

Prizes: Each winner will receive a trophy.

Judges/Scores: Each entry will be judged based on their entertainment and their talent from a scale of 1-10. The judges will pick the winners.

Audience Choice Award: BRING YOUR DOLLARS!!! $1 per vote! The entry with the highest amount of money collected in their specific jar will receive ½ of the money along with a trophy.

Opportunities: Winners can do opening acts for Miss 4th of July pageant in March 2009 and 2nd Annual Hometown Idol Talent Show

Contact Person:
April Simpson


Ginger Barkley

St. Patrick's Day Parade

The St. Patrick's Day Parade will be held in Smyrna on March 15 @ 2pm. Contact April Godfrey 747-0121 or Frank Furr 270-1119.

2009 Miss 4th of July Pageant

The 2009 Miss 4th of July pageant will be held on May 9, 2009. Please contact April Godfrey for more details at Aprillynn0417@aol.com or 747-0121.
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